Mercurios was a special album release by alternative band The Prayer Chain. It contained unreleased tracks recorded during the Mercury sessions.

Mercurios was originally packaged with the Mercury album as a separate disc in a special edition tin. It also included new artwork. While the album is available digitally on bandcamp, the tinned Mercurios album is considered a rarity.

Bassist Eric Campuzano says "we were asked to record some new jive to make Mercury more Christian. We recorded Sky High, Friend Or Foe, The Other Side of Heaven and Lose Yourself. What got dropped off the original record was Antarctica, Loverboy and Chalk."

Antarctica, Loverboy and Chalk were eventually released again on Humb which was the original cut of Mercury

Superfree was the first song recorded when the band was trying to find a new sound for the album that would become Mercury, but was never in contention for the album.

The band played Cornerstone Festival halfway through the recording sessions for Mercury. Engineer Chris Colbert mixed an early version of Humb to play as the opener to their show. It's notable for the vocal being more out-of-focus than the album version, and the absence of the bass & drums interupting the drone.

Between tracks are additional snippets from the band, largely compiled by drummer Wayne Everett. They feature interviews with the band, interviews with the band's mothers and musical snippets from the band member's earlier projects. While the band's musical output was often very serious, the band itself had a terrific sense of humor. This was evident in the non-musical tracks on Mercurios.  A running theme on these tracks is Jeffrey, the unhappy tenant leaving phone messages. Everett has confirmed these messages were real, but that the tenant was over-reacting.

Due to the limited release of Mercurios, the 6 musical tracks were re-released on Antarctica.


  1. Jeremy
  2. Antarctica
  3. Summer on the South Pole
  4. Chalk
  5. Themes from Mercury & other TV shows
  6. Loverboy
  7. Star Wars
  8. Friend or Foe
  9. Moms
  10. Superfree
  11. JP & the Alien Concept
  12. Humb (Chrissy's Cornerstone premix)
  13. Cheers, thanks fer coming tonight (no stories)
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