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Loverboy is a song by The Prayer Chain. It was written during the sessions for the album Mercury, though did not appear on the final release. It was included on their compilation of outtakes called Mercurios as well as the rarities/live album Antarctica.

The song also appeared on the original draft of Mercury, later released as Humb. Some have questioned whether the track may have been the commercial break-through the band needed.

The song became something of a running joke in the recording sessions for Mercury, even the title being a gag working title that eventually stuck. Singer Tim Taber wrote the song for his wife. Drummer Wayne Everett recorded a track of mock French for the track, and everyone but Taber would delight in the French track being prominent in the mix. When mixes were being finalised, Taber had to leave before the rest of the band so he took producer Steve Hindalong aside and gave him a monetary bribe, instructing him to "keep Frenchy low in the mix". 

Taber says "in this band we try to write about things that mean a lot to us personally. To me, this song is about when I'm on the road and I miss my wife".

The song also features a track of car horns, an example of the experimentation happening during the sessions.