Lose Yourself is a song by The Prayer Chain. It was written during the final writing sessions for the album Mercury, though did not appear on the final release. It was included on their compilation of rareties So Close... Yet So Far as well as the complilation album Here Comes The Rust.

Lose Yourself was written alongside Sky High, Friend Or Foe & The Other Side of Heaven when the band were instructed to go write a few more Christian songs by the record company, Reunion. Of those songs, Lose Yourself was written directly addressing the bands negative feelings towards the record company at being asked to compromise the band's vision, and about their feelings about the Christian music industry in general. The band conceded at the 20th anniversary of Mercury that Reunion's request was in hindsight a happy accident as it produced Sky High which was a staple of their live sets as well as being a band & fan favorite.

The band played the song live at their 1998 reunion show.

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