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Grylliade is a song featured on The Prayer Chain's album Mercury.

The song was the second song written for Mercury after SuperfreeIt was written about 8 months before the rest of the Mercury in a session that also produced Waterdogs.

On the lyric, bassist Eric Campuzano says "It is a song about revenge and payback and asking the person if they are happy now that they have made me feel like a loser. I like this lyric a lot."

In another interview, he said "The lyric was derived or based on the fact that Reunion Records wanted us to become the next Petra, we refused it and as such we suffered. As the main lyricist at the time, they made me feel like a loser and on top of that they informed me that I was not a Christian and essentially I was going to Hell, which our manager agreed with because all of a sudden we were going to lose a ton of money. I think this is the greatest song ever written by The Prayer Chain."

The lyric uses the analogy of being a bullied cricket. A cricket is a leaping orthopterous from the insect family Grylliade.

While the band feels like the song is their most original having not been derivative of any other sources, Campuzano does admit to borrowing the line "give me a while and I'll show you how it feels" from the Love & Rockets song All In My Mind.

Drummer Wayne Everett played a violin solo on the track, despite not knowing how. You can hear him on the recording laughing after he played it. Caryn Colbert of Breakfast With Amy sings backing vocals on the track.

The song was a staple of the band's live set. It featured live on Antarctica and Live at CBGBs. It was included on the compilation album Here Comes The Rust and an alternative mix of the song was included on So Close... Yet So Far.