Eric Campuzano is the bassist & main lyricist for alternative band The Prayer Chain. Born 26 November 1969. He "came to the Lord at an Undercover concert".

Campuzano's favorite aspect of music was writing, so he took up guitar at Andy Prickett's suggestion. With Wayne Everett on vocals, they started The Lassie Foundation as a writing outlet. The Lassie Foundation started releasing music after the end of The Prayer Chain. He also started Cush with Prickett. The intention with both Lassie Foundation & Cush was to lighten up after how serious The Prayer Chain's music was.

He also started Northern Records with Prickett and did producing on some projects.

When he had young children, Campuzano started a solo drone called Charity Empressa. When his children woke him at night, he couldn't get back to sleep so he would use the time to record. He released two projects under this moniker - an eponymous debut and The Skin of Whippets. He's intending a third release for Charity Empressa.

He has also recorded a track with a friend under the moniker CVSC called 4 Minute Mile which is on bandcamp. He started a number of other bands that never released any recorded output, including 7even Guitars For 7even Brothers and Beat Concerto.

Campuzano's most recent output is playing guitar with Stranger Kings, a band he started with Herb Grimaud of The Violet Burning, and featuring Holly Nelson who had sung on The Prayer Chain song Worm.

Producer Steve Hindalong has described Campuzano as his favorite thing about The Prayer Chain. "He was absolutely the heart of the band...and the most intriguing to me. Humble and soft spoken, yet prone to random bold assertions. Not the most proficient musician in the room... but I loved HOW he played the bass. Everybody did. Authorative and melodic. He got it from a deep place. For him, it was clearly all about content... meanings beyond words. A kind person and a poet."

Of his time in The Prayer Chain, Campuzano says "obviously The Prayer Chain was difficult and a giant pain in the ass that I would not trade for anything in the world."

Campuzano enjoys salsa & golf.

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