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Creole is a song featured on The Prayer Chain's album Mercury. It had the working title Chevy Chase.

The song originated from jams in singer Tim Taber's loungeroom using hand drums. A number of ideas like this were recorded, but the tapes were stolen from the band's van and never recovered.

A favorite of the band, but one they considered difficult to play live due to it's linear nature.

On the lyric, bassist Eric Campuzano says "Another song written from an idea from Andy. Andy wanted a song about slowly falling asleep and dreaming and then slowly dying. A good slow death. It is another song about apathy. Just sleeping and dreaming and dying slowly. That is why all the words start with slow. And all the old ghosts are angels directing him to the next life and telling him how far he has come and needs to go."

In another interview, Campuzano said "A pure pop maths song. We thought "slow gay" was going to be a real controversial lyric. No one cared. We also though the bass changing every chorus would be real fresh. No one cared. In addition, we also thought it would be real cool that the bass would play the guitar solo. Again no cared and why would they? Who would want to hear the bass play a guitar solo...? We end the song with something Steve put together with his kids that sort of gave a vibe of the old ghosts."

An alternative mix of the song was included on So Close...Yet So Far.